A 7-Step Process for Completing A Home Renovation on Time / Carty Homes

A 7-Step Process for Completing A Home Renovation on Time

It’s only natural to want your home renovation project to be completed according to your wishes and on schedule. It’s no fun being unable to move forward and enjoy your new home because of long delays.

However, anyone who has done a home renovation knows they don’t just happen – there’s a lot that goes on in the background before the builder hammers in the first nail.

This is why a comprehensive step-by-step process is so important. Here’s a quick guide to a quality renovation project.

  1. Initial meeting – meet with your building company to discuss what you need and want, and to do a preliminary assessment regarding planning and construction.
  2. Concept design – this involves developing a concept design as well as doing site surveys, soil testing and an estimation of costs.
  3. Design development / preliminary DA – at this point you need to review the concept design and determine if you are satisfied. If so, the process can proceed to a more detailed concept design along with working drawings, full documentation, and BASIX (building sustainability index) preparation.
  4. DA – once you are happy with the design and interior finishes and fixtures you can submit all required documentation to the local authority for development approval.
  5. Ready to start – the final step before construction begins. It should include a tender showing all the details of the processes to come, a project schedule and a copy of the contract for signing.
  6. Start building – before starting, your building company should notify your neighbours that there will be construction happening on your site. During the building phase, it’s also important to regularly meet on-site with your builders and to keep the lines of communication open.
  7. Completion and handover – as long as things have gone according to plan, this is the most exciting phase as you get to see and experience the fruits of all previous steps.

A 7-Step Process for Completing A Home Renovation on Time / Carty Homes

Throughout the process, good communication between yourself and the building team is essential. This helps avoid misunderstandings and to ensure that things go according to plan.

As well as these processes, we also provide a 12-month maintenance service. This involves calling on you approximately every three months to see how things are going and to address any problems from the renovation.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a home renovation project you would like to discuss.

A 7-Step Process for Completing A Home Renovation on Time / Carty Homes

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