Initial Meeting

We meet with you to discuss your requirements and then suggest the best way forward for your individual needs.

You Have Your Own Design

If you already have your drawings, specifications and engineering completed, we will carry out a Critical Factors Analysis Audit which will give you one of the most comprehensive detailed reports of the cost and the components that make up your project. Critical Factory Analysis fees, from $800 ex GST.

You Need A Design Created

If you need to have your new home or renovation designed we will arrange to meet with you and one of our Architectural Parnters to make a preliminary assessment of all the construction and planning requirements.

Step 1 – Initial Concept Design

A Preliminary agreement is made (fee is based on the size of the project) which allows us to organise a site survey, soil test and 3D computer generated concept design. At this point we will also provide you with an estimated cost of the work for you to consider.

Step 2 – Design Development and Preliminary DA drawing

The next step is to meet with you to review the concept design and develop it to satisfy your needs and budget. Once you are satisfied with the design we can extend the preliminary agreement to provide full documentation and a detailed 3D CAD Development is undertaken and a “preliminary working drawing” is prepared with LEP & DCP requirements considered and BASIX preparation carried out.

Step 3 – Development Application

Preparation of Development Application material of the design prepared at Stage 1 and Stage 2 is made ready for submission to the local authority and our interior designers will work through the selection of fixtures and finishes with you that will be part of your dream home. Once you are completely satisfied with the design we will finalise all the documentation including structural engineering and energy assessments.

Step 4 – Tender and getting started

We will provide a tender that shows all the selections and finishes that make up your dream home outlining what has been included and any items that are not included. We will provide a program that shows the construction period and provide a copy of the HIA plain English Building Contract.

Once the building contract has been signed we apply for the approvals and prepare for commencement.

Step 5 – Construction Begins

Once the approvals are in place construction begins and we will set you up on our cloud based system that allows access to all the important information about your project including program, selections, when progress claims are due and this provides a clear way to communicate with us.

We understand it is not always easy to see everything from a set of plans and we encourage you to organise to meet with us on site so we can take you through the project. If you find that something is not just how you imagined it we are always prepared to look into how it can be changed to suit your needs.

We also communicate with your neighbours before construction begins and provide them with the name and contact details of the person in charge of your project as we are very aware of how important it is to maintain good relationships.

Step 6 – Delivery of your Dream Home

Handing over your home or renovation is one of our proudest moments and why we build “Dream homes that people love to live in”. After we have completed our handover checklist to ensure your project is completed to the highest standards possible we will walk through the home with you to make sure that we have exceeded your expectations. We will then go through your owners manual and provide information on maintenance and cleaning to ensure your home provides a lifetime of enjoyment.

Our On Going 12×12 Customer Commitment

During our 12-month maintenance period we call out to inspect your home every 12 weeks to make sure everything is performing as it should be and address any concerns or questions that you may have. Our commitment to the customer is why for the last 30 years all our work has either been repeat or referral based.