In real estate advertisements, the top right hand corner usually has a few icons to indicate the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garages and other facilities a home has. This graphic summary is useful for house hunters, but we all know that it’s only a form of shorthand that does little to express the essence of a home.

Describing a home as “5 bed 3 bath Dbl Gar” reduces it to a soulless, heartless shell. We mean no offence to the real estate industry, but the mantra “location, location, location” tends to reduce a house to a spot on a map, and ignores a home’s standing as part of a real, live community.

Just as a horse is more than an herbivorous quadruped, a home is much more than an address or a collection of rooms with different functions.

It contains your furniture and other possessions, personal stuff that you’ve collected over the years that expresses your unique tastes and interests, and really means something to you and your family. It’s where you nurture your dreams for the future, and it’s full of memories of your past.

You, like many people, might be reluctant to sell the family home, even though it no longer suits your needs. When there’s a great deal of emotional investment in a home, and it’s a place of warmth, love and security, it might be better to have some renovation work done, rather than to consider moving.

A sensitively designed and built extension or renovation can change the way your home works, make it more effective, and provide more space. With this solution, you’ll keep all those intangible features that are the essence of your home, retain your ties and connections with your neighbourhood and community, and gain a home that is right for you, and your stage of life.

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