Imagine if for every rubbish load we took from your house to
the tip a child in need would receive free education.

Or we gave a solar lantern to a family for every light we
installed in your new home.

This is possible through our partnership with Buy1Give1
which is a global business giving initiative on a mission to create a world
full of giving.

Today, the desire to give is on the rise. Yet surprisingly,
less than 6% of giving is through businesses. And that 6% is comprised almost
entirely of donations from large corporations. Smaller businesses haven’t had
the tools necessary to make powerful and effective contributions that are
aligned with their goals.

BUY1GIVE1 (B1G1) is a global business giving initiative that
makes it easy for small-medium sized businesses to give to and support great
projects from around the world. Through the power of small, thousands of small
businesses are giving small amounts and creating huge impacts in the world.

We have our favourite projects we like to support, but our
clients can also choose precisely and simply how they would like their project
to impact the lives of others.

We believe in Business for Good