Are you designing spaces with your kids in mind?

Most homes are designed by adults, and are planned from an adult perspective. A home that’s perfectly comfortable for you as a couple might need some adaptations when you start a family.

You might need to turn a room into a nursery, and consider adding built-in shelves and cupboards for all the things you will need to have handy on a daily basis.

Older children might benefit from a playroom, somewhere they can be safe and play with their toys to their heart’s content. A playroom can be custom designed to have plenty of storage, and areas for different sorts of play such as drawing.

Having a dedicated playroom also means toys and other possessions are kept neat and tidy, and out of the rest of the house. We all know how quickly children can take over the whole house!

Babies and young children are active, energetic and curious. Having a safe outdoor area for them to run around in helps them to burn off energy, and gives them another space for play. You can landscape a play area, put in a children’s garden, or install a sandpit or swing set.

If you are planning a family, think about what you will need to make life with baby easier, and if you already have children, put yourself on their level and think about what sort of changes might make your home work better for them.

With some thought and planning, you can make your home as enjoyable for your children to live in as it is for you.