Is it time to transform your outdoor space?

The outdoor space might have been one of the features that attracted you when you bought your home, but sometimes the interior decor of your home dominates your time and attention at the expense of the garden area. If you find you spend more time mowing the lawns than enjoying your outdoor space, perhaps it’s time to rejuvenate your outdoor space so you get the most from it.

First, give quite a bit of thought to what you want to do outdoors. Do you want areas where you can relax, play with the kids, exercise, and/or entertain?

A place for relaxation needs to be quiet and sheltered. You might be thinking about a pool where you can exercise, play with the kids and entertain friends. The type of pool you choose will be influenced by the size and shape of the space available. For entertaining, if you don’t already have a patio you’ll need a paved area that is easily accessible from the house. You’ll also need a suitable place to set up a barbeque.

You’ll need a few other things – lighting, pool accessories, umbrellas or shade sails, outdoor furniture and, of course, a barbeque – to make your outdoor space more comfortable and usable.

Talk to some experts if you need advice. A pool specialist can guide you if you’re wondering how a pool would fit into your plan; remember that a space that is small, an awkward shape or on a slope can still accommodate a pool.

A landscape specialist can suggest layouts, paths, plantings, wall and other structures for your outdoor space – and can turn your ideas into reality, creating a valuable asset that complements your home, and gives endless pleasure to your family.