Do you have more stuff than space?

Clutter seems to build up despite all efforts to put things away and keep rooms tidy. Your bedroom should be a serene space where you can relax – but if there is any clutter, it will not be restful.

Here’s a simple plan of action if you have more stuff than space in your bedroom: cull, re-evaluate and organise.

Be ruthless when you carry out your cull. Get rid of any clothes, shoes and accessories that you no longer wear. You are unlikely to wear them in the future if you haven’t worn them in the last two years. Pass them onto a charity shop so that they can benefit someone else. Books and DVDs tend to accumulate in bedrooms – store them in a more suitable place in your home.

Once you have got rid of the small items, it’s time to re-evaluate the furniture in your bedroom. Look at the space with a critical eye and remove any item of furniture, for example a chair that you never use, that is taking up space without adding to the comfort of your bedroom.

You will have freed up more space in your bedroom, and you can now start to organise your wardrobe. Store like with like so that you can see at a glance what you have. Use racks for shoes, and hooks for ties, scarves and belts.

Families accumulate a lot of stuff over the years, and the cull – re-evaluate – organise strategy we’ve recommended for your bedroom might be effective in other areas of your home too.

If you’re running short of storage options, have you considered having storage custom built for your home? Custom-built storage has many advantages over freestanding storage furniture: it can be designed to fit perfectly and suit the dimensions of each room, and you can choose the materials and finishes that look best.

Happy decluttering!