A swimming pool is an asset to your home and garden, it’s a spot where you and your family can exercise, entertain friends, and escape from the summer heat. If you’re planning to have a pool built, there are quite a few details to consider, including the space that’s available, the size of your family, and how you intend to use the pool. There is another consideration , too – how you want the pool to look.

The classic rectangular pool is popular. It has clean lines, and it’s rectangle shape makes it easy for serious swimmers to do lap practice. Kidney-shaped pools are another popular classic, and they can be designed so that their curved lines follow the contours of the space available in your garden. However, if you are intent on having an impressive, unique pool, you might want to look beyond these two classic and traditional – some would say “cookie cutter” – styles.

Pools inspired by nature can look stunning. In a garden setting, a freeform pool shape with stone surrounds and perhaps a waterfall to recirculate the water can create a serene oasis that blends into the landscape.

An “L” shaped pool with straight edges can make the most out the space available on your land. The arms of the “L” create two separate zones that you might want to use for different functions – for example, some pools are designed with a spa in the short arm, while the long arm is used as a lap pool.

An infinity pool has one or more of it’s edges submerged under the water line, giving the illusion of a pool that stretches out endlessly. An infinity pool can be particularly impressive if it’s built on a sloping block with views over the pool in the distance, such as the one from our St Ives project above.

Your choice of pool is really only limited by the space available and your creativity. If you let your imagination run free, and work with a pool designer, you’ll come up with a design that gives your home a resort feel.